As Development Director, Cameron oversees all of Brightflock's development projects. Prior to co-launching Brightflock in 2008, Cameron developed enterprise Java systems for the biotechnology industry. Cameron is an avid proponent of open source software (but without the beard!) and has contributed to a number of OSS projects including Firefox, Ubuntu, WordPress and Drupal. Cameron holds an honors BSc in Computer Science from the University of Victoria.

Favourite technologies: 

Drupal, Symfony2 (YAML, twig, Doctrine, Composer), PHP, JQuery for web. Cordova + jQM or Titanium + Alloy MVC for mobile. Rich client JS is getting more interesting these days backed by node.js, couchdb, etc. I've also been developing on a linux box since kernel 2.0.x, so yeah, linux is cool too :)

Favourite books: 
When not at work, how do you spend your time: 

Practicing my hammer swinging skills on my 100+ year old farm house, thinking about the next "way too big project" I can get myself into, and any other completely unrelated things I can think of!

Favourite place in the world: